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China’s B2C

The future guess of China’s B2C

1.  All wholesale from ATRACfahion web store in yi wu.atracfashion promote chinia’s online shopping ,also greatly stimulate the development of china’s B2C on 2011.

2.  China is unlikely to occur such as the Amazon site,If so, it uses time and money will be many times amazon.

3.  China's B2C opportunities, are those who attach importance to and has a marketing, technical and managerial capacity of the enterprise.

4.  China's B2C has been on the fast track of rapid development, and this speed will remain about 5 years.

5. B2C has been gradually showing similar to the traditional retail formats, a large national chain, regional chain of convenience stores, and community.

6. The mainstream of Chinese e-commerce future, not B2B, does not belong to C2C, which must belong to B2C.As the electronic commerce, the efforts of the atracfashion wholesale for world clients to create better quality of service.



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